Zodiac Twelve

The Zodiac Twelve.

The Zodiac Twelve (十二支ん Jūnishin) are a group of twelve hunters that have been recognized by Chairman Netero. The chairman would entrust them with the Hunters Association in times of emergency, and would also spar with them in his free time. They each have a codename associated with one of the Chinese zodiac signs, which most of them chose to match in appearance out of adoration for Netero.


Zodiac Twelve
Pariston table Mizaistom table Kanzai table Piyon table
Pariston Mizaistom Kanzai Piyon
Botobai table Gell table Saccho table Ginta table
Botobai Gell Saccho Ginta
Saiyu table Clook table Cheadle table Ging table
Saiyu Clook Cheadle Ging

Pariston HillEdit

Codenamed the Rat. The Vice Chairman of the Hunters Association. He's a Triple Hunter like Botobai and Cheadle. He's also a rat, and that's why he never dressed up like a furry like the rest of the zodiac.

Mizaistom NanaEdit

Codenamed the Ox. A man with with two horns on his cap, and black spots on his outfit and around one of his eye. He's a Double Hunter like Saccho and Ging.


Codenamed the Tiger. A man with tiger like strips on his face and his hair, and a ponytail in the shape of a tiger tail.


Codenamed the Rabbit. A woman who wears rabbit ears and a miniskirt with a furry rabbit tail.

Botobai GiganteEdit

Codenamed the Dragon. The most senior member of the Zodiac Twelve. A large man with a dragon-like face and 2 flame-like bundles of hair. He's a Triple Hunter like Pariston

Gel Edit

Codenamed the Snake. A woman with snake like eyes and has the ability to change one of her arms into a snake.

Saccho KobayakawaEdit

Codenamed the Horse. A man with a horse like face. He's a Double Hunter like Ging and Mizaistom.


Codenamed the Sheep. A big fat man with an afro and 2 ram-like horns on the sides of his head.


Codenamed the Monkey. A lanky man that has the appearance similar to that of the monkey king Sun Wukong.


Codenamed the Chicken. A woman with feathers on her clothes and a short temper. She can control an undetermined number of birds.

Cheadle YorkshireEdit

Codename the Dog. A woman with a doglike nose and upper jaw, and wears a pair of doglike ears on her head. She's a Triple Hunter as like Pariston and Botobai.

Ging FreecssEdit

Codenamed the Boar. Gon's father and a Double Hunter like Mizaistom and Saccho.


  • The only two members who don't change their appearance to match their Zodiac sign are Pariston and Ging Freecss.

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