1999 - 2011

Todo 2011

Japanese: トードー
Romanized: Tōdō
Debut: Chapter 5; Episode 6 (1999); Episode 3 (2011)
Japanese VA: Yoshikazu Nagano (1999):
Kiyoyuki Yanada (2011)
Other VA: Corby Proctor (English, 1999);
George C. Cole (English, 2011)
Gender: Male
Eye Color:
Hair Color: Gray + Brown (1999);
Blonde + Black (2011)
Blood Type:
Occupation(s): Wrestler

Todo the Wrestler is examinee #255 in the 287th Hunter Exam. He strives to become a blacklist Hunter.


Todo is a fairly tall, tubby man with a slicked back ponytail and the sides of his head shaved. He wears a dark-colored pullover, boots and knee pads[1].


Desiring to become a blacklist Hunter, Todo participates in the 287th Hunter Exam. This is not his first time being an applicant as Tonpa knows enough to briefly introduce him to Gon, Kurapika and Leorio as being really strong and smarter than he looks[2].

In the second part of Phase Two of the exam which is about making nigiri sushi for the meticulous Gourmet Hunter Menchi, Todo and all the other applicants are disqualified by her. He however does not accept her verdict. After breaking a desk in a fit of anger, he says loudly that he comes to the exam not to become a Gourment Hunter then charges at Menchi. Luckily for Todo, the other examiner of Phase Two, Buhara, knocks him away before Menchi could have killed him[3].

President Netero, who was told about Menchi's unfair judgement, then comes in an airship and orders her to administer another test. This time she asks the applicants to boil Spider Eagle eggs, which taste really delicious, but they will have to dive into a deep ravine on a mountain to retrieve an egg. Seeing how dangerous it is, Todo decides not to try to pass the test. Gon then gives him half of his boiled egg. After tasting it, he admits his failure but swears that he will come back next year[4].

One year later, Todo makes it to the First Phase of the Hunter Exam again. However, he and the other applicants all are knocked out and eliminated by Killua in this phase[5].


  • In the 1999 anime adaptation, Todo was knocked out by Menchi instead of Buhara. In the supplementary test, he jumped into the ravine and was attacked by Spider Eagles. Even though Gon saved him, he tried to steal Gon's egg. However, his stealing attempt failed[6].


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