Spinner Clow
Spinner Clow
Japanese: スピーナ=クロウ
Romanized: Supīna Kurō
Debut: Chapter 186
Japanese VA:
Other VA:
Gender: Female
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Blood Type:
Occupation(s): Amateur Contract Hunter
Status: Alive

Spinner Clow, nicknamed Spin, is a young woman of medium height with long hair who wears a newsboy cap and is always seen eating chewing gum. She and 5 other amateur Hunters stayed in the country of Kakin with Kite for almost 3 years to conduct a zoological survey for the Kakin government[1]. Spinner aspires to be a Hunter so that she can pay back her debt to Kite, the only person who lent her the money to buy an entire mountain in her hometown to save the small-billed swan that inhabits the area[2]. Kite has stated that she and her fellow amateur Hunters in the Kakin Exploration Team have excellent potential to be pro-hunters[3].

While Kite, Gon and Killua are searching for the Queen in NGL, Spinner and her fellow amateur Hunters go and bring the reinforcement team of Netero, Morel and Knov to the region[4]. One month later, after Gon and Killua are defeated by Knuckle and Shoot, thus failing to enter NGL to save Kite, she criticizes their depressed attitude and tells them to pull themselves together and keep training. When asked by Gon why she wants to become a Hunter, she tells him the story about the small-billed swan in her hometown and says when the extermination mission has been completed, she will show them her treasure--the scene of tens of thousands of swans flying into the sunrise[5].

After the election for the 13th Hunter Chairman, Spinner, Kite--now a female Chimera ant, a koala Chimera ant, Gon and the other members of the Kakin Team are seen in her hometown, watching large herds of swans flying into the sky at sunrise[6].


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