Japanese: サイユウ
Romanized: Saiyū
Debut: Chapter 318
Japanese VA:
Other VA:
Gender: Male
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Blood Type:
Occupation(s): Hunter;
Zodiac Twelve member

Saiyu is a professional Hunter and a member of the Zodiac Twelve with the nickname 'Monkey.'


Saiyu is a lanky man with a very short haircut. Part of the hair at the back and on the top of his head is shaved to form two small heart shapes. In general, his face looks like that of a monkey. He wears a headband, a pair of long wristbands, and a sleeveless jacket not long enough to cover his six pack abs.


Saiyu is characterized by his directness in manner and speech, without subtlety or evasion. He is not afraid of saying unkind or rude things about other people, even if they are his fellow Zodiac Twelve members such as Cheadle and Pariston.


New Hunter Chairman Election arcEdit

After Netero's death, Saiyu and the other Zodiac Twelwe members gather in the Hunters Association's headquarters to determine the rules of the election for the 13th Chairman. During their first meeting, he and other members do not bother hiding their hostility toward Pariston, especially after Pariston proposes himself for the chairmanship. To reduce tension and to minimize Pariston's political advantage, Cheadle suggests that they draw lots to decide the rules. Saiyu does not like the idea but he has to participate in the drawing because the other members agree with it.

However, Ging already arranged things in advance with Beans so that his rules would likely be chosen. As a result, Saiyu and the rest of the Zodiac Twelve are forced to follow the rules made by him. The first 2 rounds of the election are not valid because they have voting rates smaller than 95%. Thus, in the meeting of the Zodiac Twelve before Round 3, Pariston suggests that they temporarily confiscate the licences of those who abstain or cast ineligible votes. Kanzai disagrees with Pariston and even charges at him after being mocked by him. Despite his strong dislike of Pariston, Saiyu uses a staff to stop Kanzai.

In Round 4 of the election, the turnout finally exceeds 95%, but Saiyu ranks 31st with only 1 vote and according to Ging's rules he is eliminated.


  • Saiyu's name is a reference to the Chinese classic Journey to the West (西遊記 Saiyūki) and his design is based upon the Monkey King Sun Wukong, the protagonist of the novel.