Pakunoda 1999
Japanese: パクノダ
Romanized: Pakunoda
Debut: Chapter 71;
Episode 51 (1999)
Japanese VA: Iseki Yoshiko (1999)
Other VA:
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown[1]
Eye Color:
Hair Color: Blonde (1999)
Blood Type: O[1]
Height: 182 cm[1]
Weight: 52 kg[1]
Occupation(s): Phantom Troupe's member
Status: Deceased
Type: Specialization
Nen: Memory reading;
Memory Bomb

Pakunoda (パクノダ) that is shortened to Paku was one of nine founding members of the Phantom Troupe.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Pakunoda is a fairly young, tall, slender woman with short, middle parted hair and a prominent nose. She always wears a dark-colored skirt suit. Pakunoda is calm, collected and very loyal to her comrades, especially Chrollo Lucilfer. She does not hesitate to die to give them valuable information about the enemy. In the Troupe she is one of the more resonable members.


Not much is known about Pakunoda's early life. Sometime in the past she and 8 other people--Chrollo Lucilfer, Feitan, Franklin, Machi, Nobunaga, Phinks, Shalnark and Uvogin[2][3]--, who were also abandoned by their parents and grew up in Meteor City like her[4] formed a gang of thieves with Chrollo being the leader. The gang later gained notoriety for its activities, which mainly involved stealing and killing, and came to be known as the Phantom Troupe. In the gang, Pakunoda is the one in charge of interrogation[5] by virtue of her abilities.

Original members of the Phantom Troupe

Pakunoda and 6 other founding members


Yorknew City arc, Part 1Edit

Yorknew City arc, Part 2Edit


Pakunoda is a Specialist. She is capable of reading the memories of any human or object she touches. Before reading the mind of a person she can ask them questions to extract the memories from its deepest parts. Thus it is totally useless trying to come up with pieces of false information to trick her[6].

Her Nen ability is called Memory Bomb (記憶弾 (メモリーボム) Recollection Bullet), which allows her to conjure bullets containing the memories she absorbed out of her aura. When she shoots a person in the head with one of these bullets using her conjured revolver, the memories in it will be transferred to them. She can shoot a maximum of 6 bullets at a time. However, if the owner of these memories is shot by one bullet, they will lose them forever[6][7].


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