The Kakin Exploration Team is a team of 6 amateur
Kakin exploration team

First row, right to left: Banana, Lin, Podungo, Spinner and Stick. Behind: Monta.

Contract Hunters who work under the tutelage of Kite. Together with him, they conducted a zoological survey for the government of Kakin for 3 years, discovering thousands of species. Even though they are amateurs, Kite states that they have potential to become excellent professional Hunters. After the survey is completed, they help Kite track down the Chimera Ant Queen. Later, even though he is reborn as a Chimera ant, they treat him the same as before and together they go to Stick Dinner and Spinner Clow's hometown to watch thousands of small-billed swans flying into the sunrise.

The members of the team are:

  • Banana Kavaro: A short-haired young woman who wears baggy clothes.
  • Lin Koshi: A short, bespectacled man who often speaks with a slight stammer. He has discovered the most species in the team--more than 1,000.
  • Monta Yuras: A large man with a face which looks like that of a koala.
  • Podungo Lapoy: A dark-skinned woman of very small stature with a topknot.
  • Spinner Clow: A young woman who wears a newsboy cap and eats bubble gum all the time. Kite lent her the money to buy a whole mountain in her hometown which is a natural habitat for the small-billed swan.
  • Stick Dinner: A jovial young man with an afro. He is from the same town as Spinner, and is in charge of cooking for the team.
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