Illumi 2011
Illumi Zoldyck
Gittarackur (ギタラクル, Gitarakuru)
Appearances Anime, Manga
Manga Début Volume #1, Chapter #6
Anime Début Episode #8 (1999)
Episode #3 (2011)
Voice Actors
English Victor Atelevich (1999)
Chris Hackney (2011)
Japanese Urara Takano (1999)
Masaya Matsukaze (2011)
Status Active
Gender Male Icon Male
Race Human
Age 24[1]
Height 185 cm[1]
Weight 68 kg[1]
Blood Type A[1]
Residence Zoldyck Estate
Professional Status
Occupation(s) Assassin
Hunter Credentials
Nen Type Manipulator
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Illumi Zoldyck is the first of the Zoldyck siblings to be born and is Killua's eldest brother. He takes part in the 287th Hunter Exam under the disguise of Gittarackur (ギタラクル, Gitarakuru), applicant #301.


When not in disguise, Illumi has an impassive face, long straight black hair, and black eyes. However, as Gittarackur he has a mohawk, with a number of needles sticking into his head at various places. His chest and shoulders are always pierced by needles regardless of which form he is in.
1999 - 2011
Gittarackur 2011


Illumi has a cold and cruel personality. In the past he had no scruples about using a female butler of his family to test the power of Alluka, his second youngest sibling, resulting in her death[2]. He has a twisted love for Killua and is even happy to die if it means his image is engraved upon Killua's heart forever[3]. While Illumi himself has stated that an assassin does not need friends because they will get into what is not their own business[4], he has a friendship of convenience with Hisoka. It is not clear how it started but they are willing to help each other as long as their respective interests are secured.


The eldest child of the zoldyck family.

287th Hunter Exam arcEdit

Illumi, in Gittarackur's disguise, is briefly seen
Tonpa scared off by Gittarackur's appearance

Tonpa scared off by Gittarackur's appearance

before Phase One of the Hunter Exam starts. Tonpa thinks about inviting him to drink a can of a laxative spiked juice, but he is scared off by his freakish appearance[5]. He passes Phase One and Three with ease, although he almost fails the Second Phase, which is about cooking.
In the Fourth Phase on Zevil Island, the
Gittarackur kills Gozu

Illumi killing Gozu

examiner Lippo asks the remaining 24 examinees to hunt for each other's badges for one week. On the 2nd day, Gittarackur phones Hisoka, asking if he needs help, but the latter turns down the offer[6]. Shortly afterwards he finds his designated target Gozu but Siper, whose target is Gittarackur, attempts to kill him by sniping at him from a distance. Gozu accidentally takes the shot in the back and is fatally injured. Annoyed by Siper's interference, Gittarackur quickly kills her, takes her badge, then comes back and kills Gozu. After obtaining Gozu's badge, he gives Hisoka the badge belonging to Siper, digs a hole, crawls into it, and sleeps until the end of Phase Four[7].
The Final Phase is a reverse elimination tournament
Illumi reveals his true form

Illumi revealing his true form

in which the winner of a match will receive a Hunter License and be removed from the competition and the loser will be given more chance. As this phase goes on, Killua eventually is required to fight Gittarackur. Right after the start signal, Gittarackur reveals his true form as Illumi to his brother and tells him that he takes the exam to get a Hunter License for a job he needs, and to watch over Killua by order of their mother. Illumi then psychologically manipulates his brother by saying that Killua is nothing but a puppet of darkness with no desire, no passion, nor ambition who only enjoys the death of other people.
After Killua tells him he only wants to be friends
Illumi psychologially manipulates Killua

Illumi manipulating Killua into surrendering

with Gon, Illumi scoffs and deems it impossible, since he and his father have raised Killua to be an assassin. Upset by Illumi's words, Leorio claims that Gon already views Killua as his friend. Illumi, troubled by this, wants to go murder Gon but is stopped by some contestants and examiners. Realizing that he would be disqualified if he killed Gon before the end of this phase, Illumi asks Netero if he can kill anyone after passing the exam, to which Netero replies that his actions would not be breaking any rules. Illumi then taunts Killua by saying that if he forfeits the match, he would spare Gon's life. Knowing that defeating Illumi is impossible Killua admits defeat, and Illumi becomes a licensed Hunter. Shortly thereafter, Killua suddenly kills Bodoro and is disqualified.

Later, Gon, who has heard about Killua's
Illumi lifted up by Gon

Gon lifting Illumi up

disqualification from Satotz, finds and tells Illumi to apologize to Killua, and angrily claims that he is not qualified to be Killua's brother. Illumi asks ironically if one needs qualification to be another's brother. Gon, further angered by this, lifts Illumi up by the wrist of his right arm using one hand and breaks it. Illumi then slowly raises his left hand, wanting to do something to Gon, but Gon senses danger and backs away in time[8]. When the Final Phase is over, Illumi tells Gon, Kurapika and Leorio that Killua went home to Kukuroo Mountain. He then has a short discussion about Gon with Hisoka. He thinks to himself that Gon is dangerous and it would be best if he killed him right then, but Hisoka warns him that Gon will only die by his hands.

Yorknew City arcEdit

Half a year later, it is revealed that Illumi is an acquaintance of Chrollo Lucilfer. He, Maha, and Kalluto are hired by Chrollo to assassinate the Ten Dons of the Mafia, who placed large bounties on the heads of the Phantom Troupe. He accomplishes this mission just in time to save Chrollo from being killed by his grandfather and father, who are hired by the Ten Dons to eliminate the Phantom Troupe. He also manipulates the coprse of a Don to make the Mafia Community think that the Troupe has been defeated[9]. Afterwards Hisoka hires him to disguise himself as him, infiltrate into the Phantom Troupe's hideout and act as his double[10]. Illumi then uses Kalluto to distract the members in the hideout while switching places with Hisoka[11].

New Hunter Chairman Election arcEdit

After Chairman Netero's death, Illumi appears in the
Illumi talks to Hisoka at the election

Illumi talking to Hisoka at the election

first round of the election for a new chairman in the guise of Gittarackur. He talks with Hisoka about what happened during the Chimera Ant crisis, the death of Netero, his younger brother Alluka, and the current situation with Gon and Killua[12]. They are next seen sitting in an airship bar, talking about Alluka's ability. Illumi explains to Hisoka the magnitude of and the rules of Alluka's power, and tells him that tens of thousands of people, including the Zoldycks and Hisoka, would die if Killua wishes to have Gon restored in the wrong way. Fearing that Killua will do it the wrong way, he asks Hisoka to help him kill Alluka if he himself fails to persuade Killua to make his wish in a proper and safe way[13].
When Killua is going to Gon's hospital with Alluka and
Illumi threatens to kill Hisoka

Illumi threatening to kill Hisoka

3 butlers in a car, Illumi calls him by phone and asks about the removal of the needle, which Killua confirms. Illumi says he will go into action. Killua then asks if he wants to kill him, to which Illumi replies that family members are forbidden to kill each other in an 'inner mission,' implying that he does not view Alluka as family and wants to kill Alluka. Killua issues a challenge to Illumi. As soon as that happens, Illumi manipulates the drivers of a car and two trucks to drive Killua's car off the cliff. Hisoka remarks that Illumi is too extreme. Illumi replies that he has no choice because Killua is hiding some rules of Alluka's ability and asks Hisoka to eliminate the servants. Hisoka then asks if he can "do" Killua and holds up the hand sign for "sex" popular in Japan, making Illumi explode with anger, thus giving off an intense killing aura for a moment[14]. He suspects this is a deliberate provocation by Hisoka to help Killua, but Hisoka says it is a joke.

Dark Continent Arc Edit

Illumi said he joins the Phantom Troupe on Hisoka's request at the Black Whale. chapter 77 page 8-10


As an assassin from the Zoldyck Family, Illumi was trained from birth in assassination. Thanks to his training he most likely possesses rare abilities such as a strong resistance to poison, a high tolerance to pain and electricity, great agility and physical strength, and advanced armed and unarmed combat techniques.


Illumi is a Manipulator. He learned Nen before becoming a Hunter. His weapons of choice are round-head needles, which he throw at the opponent with great power and accuracy. He can manipulate the appearance and actions of anyone who is pierced by these needles. Those whose skulls are pierced by the special aura-imbued needles on his chest will even turn into Needle People (針人間 Hariningen), who single-mindedly follow his orders until they are dead[15].

Illumi is also a master of disguise. He can use the needles on himself to alter his own face. Even without the use of needles he can still change into a disguise but can only maintain it for 4 or 5 hours[16].


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