Franklin 1999
フランクリン Furankurin
Appearances Anime, Manga, OVA, Movie
Manga Début Chapter #71
Anime Début Episode #55
Voice Actors
Japanese Yoshinobu Kaneko
Status Active
Gender Male Icon Male
Birthplace Meteor City
Professional Status
Affiliation(s) Phantom Troupe
Hunter Credentials
Nen Type Emitter
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Franklin (フランクリン, Furankurin) is one of the 9 founding members of the Phantom Troupe.


Franklin is a very tall and large man


Despite his fierce appearance, Franklin is an honest person and very considerate towards his companions. He is also reasonable and is the hidden peacemaker of the gang. After Chrollo was captured by Kurapika, some other members argued strongly with each other about how to save him and almost got into a fight, but he was able to persuade them to calm down.


Franklin, Chrollo Lucilfer, Feitan, Machi, Nobunaga, Pakunoda, Phinks, Shalnark and Uvogin were all abandoned by their parents and grew up in Meteor City[1][2][3]. Sometime in the past they formed a gang of thieves with Chrollo being the leader. The gang later gained notoriety for its activities, which mainly involved stealing and killing, came to be known as the Phantom Troupe, and was joined by new members. Franklin is one of the people responsible for combat in the Troupe[4]. He, Nobunaga and Uvogin are best friends. They often fought each others like kids and Uvo would slap him and Nobunaga around whenever they were late[5]


Yorknew City arc, Part 1Edit

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Franklin is an Emitter. His ability is called
Franklin's Double Machine Gun

Double Machine Gun

Double Machine Gun (俺の両手は機関銃 (ダブルマシンガン) Both My Hands Are Machine Guns). With it, he can turn his 10 fingers into gun barrels and shoot his aura out like bullets. Franklin deliberately cut off his finger tips as a vow in order to greatly increase the destructive power of his ability. Every single aura bullet of his can kill, allowing him to wipe out large groups of weak enemies in short times.


  • Franklin's design was based on Frankenstein.
  • In the 1999 anime adaptation his ear lobes looked normal but his earrings were 2 long strips instead of 2 large rings as in the manga.


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