Dolle Harbor's Kiriko family
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Debut: Chapter 4; Episode 5 (1999); Episode 2 (2011)
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Occupation(s): Hunter Exam Navigators; Examiners
Non-Nen: Shapeshifting

Dolle Harbor's Kiriko family is a Kiriko family consisting of a set of parents who look almost identical to each other, a son and a daughter. They live in a house under a lone cedar tree atop a mountain near Dolle Harbor and work as navigators and examiners for the Hunters Association.

During the preliminary phase of the 287th Hunter Exam, when Gon, Kurapika and Leorio come to their house to find a shortcut to Zaban City, they stage a scene in which a married human couple is attacked by Kiriko to test their skills and knowledge. After confirming that the trio are qualified applicants, they reveal their true form and fly them to Zaban City. The Kiriko son then leads them to the secret entrance to the site of the first phase in a small restaurant.

One year later, at the beginning of 2001, when Killua
The Kiriko son impersonates Gotoh

The Kiriko son impersonating Gotoh

comes to their house they also welcome and guide him to the exam hall of the 288th Hunter Exam's First Phase after learning that he is Gon's friend. Following Gotoh's death at the hands of Hisoka in August 2001, it seems the Zoldyck Family has hired the Kiriko son to impersonate him, so that Killua and Alluka will not know that he is dead[1].


  • In the manga and the 2011 anime adaptation, Leorio was fooled until the end. However, in the 1999 series he saw through the trick and beat the Kiriko son.


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