Chapter 7
Chapter 7
Japanese Title


Romanized Title

Sorezore no Riyū

English Title

Respective Reasons

Volume 1

287th Hunter Exam arc

Anime Episode

6-7 (1999); 4 (2011)

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Respective Reasons is chapter 7 of Hunter x Hunter.


After 80 km, the first applicant to give up is Nicole. The Amori Brothers taunt him about that, crushing his self-confidence. It turns out Tonpa pays them to do so. Satotz then leads the remaining applicants to a long stairway and walks up the steps two by two, upsetting some of them. Leorio is panting and sweating but he is still managing to keep up with other people. Seeing his determination, Kurapika asks him whether the real reason why he wants to become a Hunter is not money. After Leorio's confirmation, Kurapika tells him about the stolen Scarlet Eyes and that he wants to become a Blacklist Hunter to retrieve all of them and capture the Phantom Troupe. Leorio then tells Kurapika about his poor friend who died of a curable illness, that he dreams of becoming a doctor who charges no fees, and that he only needs money to pay for his expensive medical studies.

The stairway increases the number of contestants who give up to 37. Without noticing, Gon, along with Killua, is already at the front of the crowd, running just behind Satotz. He asks Killua his reason for attending the Hunter Exam, to which Killua replies that he just wants to see how difficult it is. Killua then asks Gon the same question and Gon says that he wants to find his father who is an extraordinary Hunter. The marathon finally ends when they arrive at an exit of tunnel near the Numere Wetlands. Satotz warns the remaining examinees of the dangerous creatures living here and tells them to follow him through the wetlands with great care to avoid getting killed.