Chapter 6
Chapter 6
Japanese Title


Romanized Title

Dai Ichi-ji Shiken Kaishi (2)

English Title

The First Phase Begins, Part 2

Volume 1

287th Hunter Exam arc

Anime Episode

6 (1999); 3-4 (2011)

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The First Phase Begins, Part 2 is chapter 6 of Hunter x Hunter.


Tonpa appears to be apologetic for the cans of laxative spiked juice but Gon says he does not need to. It turns out he tried to invite other applicants such as a ninja named Hanzo and a rookie named Nicole to drink them before but no one seemed to fall for his trick except for applicant #99 Killua, who is about the same age as Gon. Seeing Tonpa, Killua calls him and asks for 4 other cans. Tonpa is a bit worried that Killua will die of dehydration as a result of drinking 5 cans in total, but to his surprise Killua tells him that he is not affected by Tonpa's laxative.

An examiner named Satotz then appears, announces the start of Phase One and asks the 404 applicants to follow him to the site of Phase Two, but he does not tell them where it is and when they will arrive. He walks faster and faster. Kurapika and Leorio think that this marathon of unknown length and duration is a test to measure the endurance and mental strength of the applicants. Killua then passes the trio by on a skateboard. Leorio complains that Killua is cheating but Gon and Kurapika argue that he is not. Killua suddenly asks Gon his age. After learning that they are about the same age, 11, he stops using the skateboard and runs alongside Gon.

After 3 hours and 40 km, no one has given up. Leorio however shows obvious signs of exhaustion. He stops and drops his suitcase. Gon also stops and encourages him. Leorio then starts to run again, saying he will do anything to become a Hunter, but he forgets to take the suitcase along. Seeing that, Gon uses his fishing rod to pick up the suitcase for Leorio. After 60 km, the number of applicants who quit is still 0.