Bonolenov 1999
Japanese: ボノレノフ
Romanized: Bonorenofu
Debut: Chapter 71; Episode 51 (1999)
Japanese VA:
Other VA:
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color:
Blood Type:
Occupation(s): Phantom Troupe's member
Type: Conjuration
Nen: Battle Cantabile - The Prologue;
Battle Cantabile - The Jupiter

Bonolenov is one of the newer members of the Phantom Troupe.


Bonolenov is a bald, lanky man. There are many holes of various sizes in his body from head to toe. To hide them, he covers his whole body in bandages, making him look like an Egyptian mummy. In addition, he wears boxing shorts, gloves and boots. When he fights seriously he takes them off, along with the bandages.


Bonolenov is extremely proud of his tribe's fighting style and tradition. If someone looks down on them he will get very offended and adopt a scornful attitude towards that person.


Bonolenov is a descendant of the Gyudondond tribe, a small tribe who was driven out of their lands by modern development and whose members have a custom of performing a song using the various man-made holes on their bodies before engaging in combat. Sometime prior to the beginning of the main story he joined the Phantom Troupe.


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Following the fighting tradition of his tribe, Bonolenov uses dance moves in combat, allowing him to dodge the opponent's attacks with ease.


He is a Conjurer. His ability is called Battle Cantabile, which allows him to create things that he can use to attack the opponent out of his aura. Before conjuring those things he has to perform music using the various man-made holes in his body. So far 2 applications of this ability have been shown:

  • Battle Cantabile - The Prologue (戦闘演武曲:序曲 (バト=レ=カンタービレ:プロローグ) lit. Song of Combat: The Prelude): Bonolenov conjures a tribal warrior gear on his body. It includes a double-headed spear and a large mask.
  • Battle Cantabile - The Jupiter (戦闘演武曲:木星 (バト=レ=カンタービレ:ジュピター) lit. Song of Combat: The Jupiter): Bonolenov conjures a boulder which looks like a model of Jupiter. The boulder will fall on the opponent at the speed of sound[1], crushing them.


  • Bonolenov ranked 8th in the Troupe in arm wrestling before Kalluto joined them[2].


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