• 520262

    Hunter x Hunter WebGame

    September 27, 2013 by 520262

    Hello everybody!

    The newest webgame Hunter x Hunter will be released soon!


    facebook page: / HunterXHunterAdventure

    Like us! :]

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  • Blackendedsoul

    Hey guys! I am new here, I would like to talk about one topic, please excuse me if it has already been discussed.

    The Phantom Troupe has been known to have A class bounties. However the Chimera ants were S class quarantine, meaning there exists a S class that is beyond A class. Now, my question is, who can possibly have that class of bounties?

    The Spiders are monsters on their own rights, so who could be even more notorious than them? The only people I can think of are the Zoldycks and perhaps Beyond Netero. Any guess?

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  • Foreva


    January 25, 2012 by Foreva


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