Baise 1999
Japanese: ヴェーゼ
Romanized: Vēze
Debut: Chapter 67; Episode 48 (1999)
Japanese VA:
Other VA:
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde (1999)
Blood Type:
Occupation(s): Bodyguard
Status: Deceased
Type: Manipulation
Nen: Instant Lovers

Baise was one of Neon's bodyguards.


Baise is a slender, good-looking woman with long light-colored hair that is pulled into a topknot. When she first appears she wears a string tank top.


Yorknew City arcEdit

Baise is one of the 6 applicants who come to Neon Nostrade's mansion to apply for a job. Through a monitor Dalzollene tells them they must get out of the mansion alive to pass the test. As soon as he finishes, 11 people in black hooded robes appear and attack them with handguns and swords. Kurapika quickly deduces that these people are controlled by Shachmono Tocino and orders him to stop them at knifepoint. Shachmono obeys and reveals he was following Dalzollene's order to test them and that there is another infiltrator. Kurapika, Basho and Melody find out this person is Squala. He admits it and says he has already given out his orders. Baise wants to know to whom did he give his orders and what they were but Squala refuses to tell her, saying this is a test. She immediately uses her Instant Lovers on him, temporarily turning him into a masochistic slave of hers. As he tells her everything, she uses a camcorder to record his embarrassing behavior[1].

Sometime later Baise finds a unicorn's skull and is
Baise killed by Shizuku

Baise killed by Shizuku

official hired by Dalzollene to be Neon's bodyguard, together with Basho, Kurapika and Melody[2]. In the evening of September 1st 2000, Dalzollene orders her, Ivlenkov and Shachmono to attend the Mafia's underground auction to bid for a pair of Scarlet Eyes. At the auction some members of the Phantom Troupe massacre the guests and Baise is killed by Shizuku when she is trying to run away[3].


Baise is a Manipulator and her ability is call
Baise using Instant Lovers on Squala

Baise using Instant Lovers on Squala

ed Instant Lovers (180分の恋奴隷 (インスタントラヴァー) 180-Minute Love Slave) which allows her to turn anyone who is kissed by her into her slave for 180 minutes.


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