Welcome to Antokiba


Schedule of monthly tournaments

Antokiba (アントキバ Antokiba), the City of Prize, is a city on Greed Island and the closest to the center of the island. Walls in the city are pasted up with very many reward posters. On the 15th of each month, a major contest is held here in which the winner is rewarded with a specified slot card. Many players go straight to Antokiba aftering the game so a lot of basic information about beginners can be gathered in this city.

Gon and Killua first arrive in the city on September 11th. Several days later they win the rock-paper-scissors tournament held this month and obtain the card #83 Sword of Truth as a result. However, soon afterwards it is stolen by veteran players. After being trained by Biscuit for more than 2 months, they return to the city in January and win another specified slot card, #84, the Paladin's Necklace.