Chapter 331
Chapter 331
Japanese Title


Romanized Title

Ekkusu Dē

English Title

X Day


New Chairman Election arc

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X Day is chapter 331 of Hunter x Hunter.


Learning from Beans that Ging is leaving the next day, Cheadle finds and asks him why. Ging replies that he has had his fun and that what is going to happen in the election has been decided, which annoys her. After a short argument with Ging, she however admits she does not know what Pariston is thinking and asks for Ging's advice on how to beat him. Ging tells her that Pariston is not thinking of winning, that he secretly collected 5,000 Chimera ant cocoons in East Gorteau the day Netero died to play with them, and that he is going to keep the election from having a winner until X Day--the day of the 289th Hunter Exam--because according to the 10th Hunter Commandment, without a Chairman, the Vice-Chairman is the most powerful decision maker in the Hunters Association.

After that, the 8th round of the election is held with the remaining 4 candidates being Pariston, Cheadle, Leorio, and Mizaistom. At the beginning of it, Botobai gives a speech in which he appeals to his supporters to vote for Cheadle while Ickshonpay asks Ging to trade some game items with him in his speech. Piyon then requests that the voters do not leave the election hall until the 13th Chairman has been decided, which makes Ging think that this is not good.

Meanwhile, Killua and Alluka have arrived at the isolated hospital building in which Gon's intensive-care bed is put. It is guarded from the outside by 3 butlers of the Zoldyck Family and Killua and Gon's friends such as Biscuit, Goreinu, Hanzo and Knuckle. He then carries her inside and says he will wait until she wakes herself up.